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Our Story

Originally opened in 2007 by owner/founder Salonspa7 Niks. Every one of our Stylists here at SalonSpa7 value each guest’s experience by giving them a high-quality service as well as providing a warm inviting, comfortable environment to each and every person that walks through our door. We believe our passion is shown in elevating each guests expectations by going above and beyond industry standards.

Salonspa7 has a true passion for giving her clients a complete luxurious beauty experience for the past 24 years. We have built a reputation for giving clients a complete beauty experience through unwavering enthusiasm and creativity. salonspa7 Niks says, “I cut with my eyes not with my hands as I have the vision to make each client beautiful and enhance their natural beauty.” Her specialties include precision cutting, dimensional color, and highlights. Also damage repair therapies including Brazilian Blowout, Olaplex and Keratin Treatment. Regardless of your hair type curly, thick, fine, or straight, Salonspa7 has the creative talent and exceptional skills to help you look and feel amazing.


About The Owner

I have been cutting hair since I was 5. No really, My mom was a hair stylist and owned a salon so as a child I got to spend a lot of time in the hair salon and pretty much perform whatever I saw on a doll. Every doll had to have a different haircut. By 14 I graduated, It was a no brainier when all my peers were running off to college that I should go to Beauty School. I was a natural. I worked all through school at my mom’s salon where I learned the importance of customer service and polished technical skills. As early as then I began teaching. Always having other students approaching me for advice and even teaching onstage for demonstrations.
When I graduated Beauty School I made the decision that I needed to do both cutting and coloring, so I started my journey with Tony&Guy. It was here that I refined my technical skills and started my journey with education. I helped develop a salon education program and taught advanced cutting and coloring classes. My passion for education only continued to grow through the years. With education being such a strong driving force within, I realized a gap between what I could create on my guest, and what my guest could replicate. It was then that I went after my dreams of owning my own business. I created classes geared towards the client to help them achieve salon quality hair themselves.

I consider myself of more of an image consultant than just a hairstylist. I help create looks for people that work with their face shape, skin tone, and lifestyle. I take EVERYTHING into consideration. But the reason why people love coming to me is that I TELL THEM what we are doing based on all the information provided. I am not afraid to tell someone what will and won’t work for them. Everyone wants to have a strong enough trust in their stylist to let the stylist, “Do whatever you want.”, and mean it. Several years ago I started to develop skin allergies. Feeling frustrated with the doctors’ opinions that there was not much I could do, I started on a journey for a long-term solution. I soon found that a lot of what I was experiencing could be prevented by eliminating harsh chemicals and highly processed foods. I soon began to realize that I have one of the most TOXIC JOBS EVER!!!! But I am absolutely OBSESSED WITH WHAT I DO, so I had to figure something out. I learned a lot in the 6 months of researching product. I learned of the long-term effects of common ingredients found in most of our beauty products on the market today. After months of research, I finally found a product that uses safer alternatives and ACTUALLY WORKS!!!!!!
So to sum it up in one sentence…….. We are a SAFE+SUSTAINABLE salon that has an intense focus on education for the salon professionals and the guests.